TACORD Builders Choice #1


Our very first Builders Choice gun is here, featuring custom builds with mods and accessories chosen by Casey and Peter for a unique one off shotgun.

Once its gone, its gone!

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TACORD Builders Choice Series

Our new Builders Choice Series features custom builds with mods and accessories chosen by Casey and Peter for a unique one off shotgun.

TACORD Builders Choice #1

  • Remington 870 Police Magnum with 14″barrel
  • Vang Comp System with Porting
  • Vang Comp Stainless Steel Follower
  • Vang Comp Oversized Safety
  • Machined and Fluted Breach Bolt – Cerakote Black
  • Polished Fore-End Tube Assembly – Cerakote Black
  • Tactical Ordnance +1 Magazine Extension
  • Enlarged Feed Port, Machined and Polished
  • Trigger Plate Assembly Scallop Cut
  • Remington Forged Extractor
  • Cerakote – Sniper Grey
  • Magpul SGA stock set – Black
  • CNC Engraved Tactical Ordnance Logo

The Tactical Ordnance Remington 870 is the most reliable and dependable on the market. Our Remington 870 shotguns features a receiver that is hand-honed and the action bars are deburred, honed and polished. Additionally, the breach bolt is fluted and polished to reduce overall mass and friction during cycling.

Easy loading is an essential part on all Tactical Ordnance 870’s. The feed port of the receiver is enlarged by precision CNC machining and polished to create a natural funnel that greatly improves loading efficiency. The trigger plate assembly is machined with a scallop cut to aid the users to quickly center a shell when rapidly loading shells into the magazine tube. A Vang Comp stainless steel magazine follower compliments the magazine tube by reducing spring binding, allowing the shooter to easily verify if the magazine tube is empty. Magazine capacity is increased by 1 shells with the Tactical Ordnance magazine extension that features a 3-way sling plate.

Accuracy is greatly improved from the Vang Comp System, featuring multiple back boring operations to create a gradual choke, reducing recoil and immensely improving patterning. A Vang Comp oversized safety with its pronounced dome shape improves shooter control by allowing the release of the safety and acquiring the trigger at the same time.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 99 × 28 × 12 cm


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