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Remington 870

Priding ourselves on refining the ultimate Remington 870, Tactical Ordnance has combined superior products with the best modifications to create the most reliable and dependable Remington 870 on the market. Quality workmanship and exclusive use of the Vang Comp System makes this Remington 870 stand out amongst any other available.

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Versa Max

Built for performance when seconds count the Tactical Ordnance Versa Max is the ultimate competition semi-auto shotgun. Time shaving modifications paired with the best accessories are the perfect balance to put you on the podium.

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Mossberg 590A1

Redefining the Mossberg 590 series is no easy task. The venerable and rock-solid performance of the Mossberg 590 is only enhanced with focussed modifications to improve accuracy, recoil and a effortless smooth action.

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