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The Tactical Ordnance Remington Versa Max features the best integration of modifications and accessories to put you ahead of the competition. Every shotgun is purpose built and undergoes multiple operations to improve all aspects of loading, feeding, and cycling. From an enlarged feed port to the performance enhancing Titanium Nitride breach bolt, every aspect of the Tactical Ordnance Versa Max is a balance of form, function and reliability.

Superior external accessories are added to maximize the performance of the shotgun. Hi-Viz front sights allow for quick target acquisition and rapid follow up shots. An oversized charging handle ensures positive control during quick racking. A Matchsaverz one-shot shell carrier is precision aligned on the fore-end to be directly in-line with the ejection port to allow for a quick addition of an extra cartridge.

We can customize your Remington Versa Max, please see our current Versa Max modifications and accessories price list. Please note that the pictures may show additional accessories not specified below.

TACORD Remington Versa Max Tactical – Pro 

  • Remington Versa Max Tactical
  • Enlarged Feed Port, Machined and Polished
  • Tactical Ordnance Stainless Steel Extended Carrier
  • Machined and Fluted Bolt with Titanium Nitride Coating
  • Machined and Polished Shell Latch
  • Polished Chamber Feed Area
  • Matchsaverz One Shot Shell Carrier
  • Tactical Ordnance Magazine Extension
  • Tactical Ordnance Oversized Charging Handle
  • Tactical Ordnance Oversized Ambi Safety
  • Tactical Ordnance Reduced Weight Trigger Spring
  • Tactical Ordnance Oversized Bolt Release 
  • XS Low Profile Rear Sight
  • Laser Engraved Tactical Ordnance Logo


Price: $2500 plus tax
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