Mesa Tactical Rem 870 High-tube® Hydraulic Recoil Starter Pack


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High-tube® Hydraulic Recoil Starter Pack for Rem 870 (12-GA, no rail)

High-tube® telescoping stock adapters, require the use of rail mounted optics. The High-tube Adapters mimic the geometry of an AR-15 rifle, which means they can accept any buttstock or grip made for the AR-15. This also means the stock elevation is too high to use receiver- or barrel-mounted sighting systems. This is why High-tube adapter kits usually include a Picatinny scope rail, so that an optical sighting system can be mounted on the weapon.
Note that High-tube adapters must be used with rail-mounted optics or back-up sights, or at least some kind of sighting system positioned high on the receiver.

The High-tube Stock adapter system is designed to allow shooters the ability to fit AR style collapsible stocks and pistol grips onto their shotguns. The versatile telescoping stock adapter system can be fitted with a standard AR-15 grip and telescoping stock, which enables tactical operators to instantly adjust the length of pull of the telescoping stock in order to accommodate differences in individual body sizes or use of body armor.

The concept behind the telescoping stock system is simple: the shotgun’s factory stock is replaced by an adapter, to which standard AR-15 grips and telescoping buttstocks can be reliably attached. All of Mesa Tactical’s stock adapters are investment cast aircraft grade aluminum, machined and powder coated black with a tough, chemical resistant finish.

Mesa Tactical’s hydraulic recoil starter packs include a hydraulic recoil buffer which replaces the standard receiver extension tube normally used with AR-15 style telescoping stock assemblies. The recoil buffer is manufactured for Mesa Tactical by Crosshair™.

High-Tube Adapters And Kits

The High-tube stock adapters have been machined with accessory mount pads on both sides. These mount pads allow Mesa Tactical Picatinny rails, adapter mount SureShell shell carriers or adapter mount Sling Loops or Sling Hooks to be fastened to the stock adapter with #10-32 machine screws, which run into threaded holes fitted with Timesert® steel threaded inserts. The center of each mount pad also features a large threaded hole for the optional installation of threaded “flush cups” that accept push-button style QD sling swivels. When not in use, the mount pads can be protected from dirt by the fitting of aluminum cover plates. All this hardware is included in the Telescoping stock adapter shotgun conversion kit.


Because the stock and grip interfaces of the Mesa Tactical High-tube telescoping stock adapter are almost identical to a real AR-15 rifle, this adapter can accept almost any stock or grip combination made for the AR-15. The only known limitation concerns duckbill style grips that, while they will still fit on the adapter, would probably need to have the duckbill filed off before use.

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