Stoeger M3000 Auto-Loading Lifter


Get the edge over your competitors!

Developed by former world champion Josh Kenny, the J. Kenny auto-lifter allows you to begin loading directly into the magazine tube, from empty. Even if the bolt is locked back, load directly into the magazine tube. The first round will be automatically chambered, leaving the gun ready to fire.

Manufactured in the UK by J Kenny & Co, the Auto-Loading Lifter is a quality part which will give you the ultimate advantage when shooting.

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Product Features

  • Insanely fast unloaded starts! With the bolt locked open, load two rounds into the magazine tube. The lifter will automatically chamber the first round and the bolt will close, leaving the gun ready to fire.
  • Save precious time with the J Kenny & Co. Lifter. The auto-lifter negates the requirement to ever press the bolt release button. The action of loading a round into the magazine tube will automatically chamber the first round and close the bolt for you!
  • It takes just 5 minutes to install the J Kenny & Co. Lifter.
  • No special skills or modifications to the gun are required.
  • Simply remove your original lifter and replace it with the J Kenny & Co. Lifter.
  • Precision manufactured from High-Carbon Steel and chrome-plated for optimum performance
  • Custom made J Kenny & Co. torsion springs created from high quality spring-steel in the lifter mechanism provide the optimum torque for perfected feel and reliability.
  • The auto-loading lifter does not compromise on the reliability of the gun.  Fully field tested to be reliable, the J Kenny & Co. Auto-Loading lifter will not compromise on the reliable cycling of the gun.


The J Kenny & Co. Auto Loading Lifter has been designed and tested primarily for the Stoeger M3000. It is also compatible with the 2 piece shell latches, such as the Ethos style shell latch.

This lifter will install and function reliably in all of the following:

  • Stoeger M3000

The lifter is designed to install and function reliably with no modifications to the above guns.


To install, simply replace your original lifter with the J Kenny & Co. lifter.

No special skills are required – you can follow our simple installation video guide inside the box and have the lifter up and running within 5 minutes.  Simply remove the trigger group from the gun and replace the original lifter with the J Kenny & Co. Lifter.

Weight .052 kg
Dimensions 17 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm


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